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Our escorts offer the broadest range in price. You can pick here the most affordable escorts as well as the VIP escorts. The cost is not specific; however, it could be negotiated if the client is not satisfied.

Our rates are extremely affordable as we have a very professional and stunning escort available to assist you. It isn’t easy to come across such an amazing deal that we offer you.

How to Pay Us for Escorts under your budget?

Our services are easy to access, and our payment method is quick and easy. We accept cash as well, as you can pay us online when you use our services. You can hand over the money directly to one of our Delhi escorts once they get to your location. The client can pay at his convenience using Paytm, bank transfer, cash on hand, etc. We do not request the payment in advance, but preferably before the start of the meeting.

College Girl / Housewife

College Girl / Housewife

  • 1-2 Hrs - 8000 INR
  • 2-4 Hrs - 14000 INR
  • Full Night - 20000 INR
  • 24 Hrs - 35000 INR
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Foreign / Air Hostess

Foreign / Air Hostess

  • 1-2 Hrs 10000 INR
  • 2-4 Hrs 18000 INR
  • Full Night 25000 INR
  • 24 Hrs 45000
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Premium Model

Premium Model

  • 1-2 Hrs 15000
  • 2-4 Hrs 25000
  • Full Night 35000
  • 24 Hrs 60000
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